Wire Ribbon Angels - Part 1

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Wire Ribbon Angels

  • 44 m.m wide organza wire ribbon - 16 c.m
  • 3 m.m wide ribbon - 20 c.m + 11 c.m
  • White chenille stick - 12 c.m
  • Gift tag string - 15 c.m
  • Card - 4 c.m x 10 c.m
  • White felt - 4 c.m x 10 c.m
  • Wooden face bead - 1
  • Craft hair
  • Ear ring - 1
  • Small beads - 2
  • Liberty bell - 1
  • Thin wire - 15 c.m
  • A pair of pliers
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pen
  • Hot glue gun

Collect all you need. Draw eyes and mouth on wooden bead if you don't find a face bead.
Collect all you need
Fold card into half. Draw a suitable size wing, making sure the fold of the card is in the place. Cut in and open.
Fold card into half
Trace around it on felt. When cutting, cut along the inner side of the line to avoid unsightly pen marks.
Trace around it on felt
Fold chenille stick into half and bend at the ends for hands.
Fold chenille stick
Cut and remove hook and any unwanted sections from the earring using pliers.
Cut and remove hook
Tie a bow out of the short piece of baby ribbon.
Tie a bow
Fold wire and press tight with the pliers.
Fold wire
Push wire loop through the bead and pass the longer piece of baby ribbon through the loop.
Push wire loop
Ribbon wold have stringed through the bead when the wire loop is pulled out of the bead again. Make a knot big enough so ribbon doesn't slip through the bead again.
Make a knot big
Repeat this procedure with the other bead as well.
Repeat this procedure
Fold the organza ribbon as shown here. The open ends should be in the middle overlapping each other. Cut slits 3 m.m long where marked, for sleeves.
Fold the organza ribbon


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