Wire Ribbon Angels - Part 2

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Wire Ribbon Angels

  • 44 m.m wide organza wire ribbon - 16 c.m
  • 3 m.m wide ribbon - 20 c.m + 11 c.m
  • White chenille stick - 12 c.m
  • Gift tag string - 15 c.m
  • Card - 4 c.m x 10 c.m
  • White felt - 4 c.m x 10 c.m
  • Wooden face bead - 1
  • Craft hair
  • Ear ring - 1
  • Small beads - 2
  • Liberty bell - 1
  • Thin wire - 15 c.m
  • A pair of pliers
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pen
  • Hot glue gun

Hold ends of the wire right above the slits cut. Draw ribbon close tightly and twist wire to secure.
Hold ends of the wire
Knot the ends of the gift tag string together.
Knot the ends
Tie this to the beaded ribbon like shown.
Tie this to the beaded
Twist chenille stick where the string and the ribbon meet. A blob of hot glue will help hold them together.
Twist chenille stick
To attach angel's body, push chenille pieces from inside out through the cut for the sleeves.
attach angel's body
String the face bead through the tag string and the remaining twisted wire from the ribbon. Hot glue face and the body at the neck.
String the face bead
Hot glue the bow hiding the old glue mark. Turn the face bead; cut some of the the extra twisted wire off, bend what is left and glue to the back of the bead.
Turn the face bead
Add a tiny blob of hot glue to a hand. Stick bell when glue starts to set. Hold by pliers.
Add a tiny blob of hot glue
Apply lots of little blobs of hot glue to the back of the face bead. Wait till glue starts to set. Use pliers to place hair and ring, to avoid finger burning from melted glue. Hide the open side of the earring under hair. Set hair with the tip of the pliers.
Apply lots of little blobs
Hot glue the overlaps of the frock together. Fold and open the felt set of wings once. Then hot glue it at the right spot.
Hot glue the overlaps
Trim off any long glue strings you see; neaten hair; trim the extra bits of ribbon near the beads for feet. Neaten the frock and you will have a cute little angel to decorate your christmas tree.
Wire Ribbon Angels


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