Christmas Holly Cake Decoration

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Christmas Holly Cake Decoration

Preparation Time

Cooking Time

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  • Fondant - about a fistful
  • Food colouring - green & red
  • Icing sugar - 2 Table spoons
  • Butter icing - about a table spoonful
  • Rolling pin
  • Clean plastic sheet
  • A soft brush
  • A clean plastic leaf with prominent veins
  • A small round cutter (the back of a small flower or leaf cutter will do)

This is an easy way to decorate your Christmas cake. Gather everything you need first. Wash and pat dry plastic leaf. (If using a real one, make sure it is pesticide free.) Dust your palms, rolling pin and the working surface with icing sugar.


Add green colouring to two thirds of the fondant. Mix well and shape into small balls. Roll one out thinly, on a piece of plastic sheet dusted with icing sugar. Place the side of the leaf that has the vein markings on rolled fondant and press gently to transfer vein markings. Holding fondant up with the plastic sheet will make it easy if the leaf is not flat. (Try not to roll not more than three or four leaves at a time. Wrap up the rest of the fondant in a pieces of cling wrap straight away to prevent crust forming.)

add green colour mix well

Use the little round cutter to cut scallop shapes on one side of the leaf. Roll the leftover fondant and place it in cling wrap.

Roll the leftover fondant

Turn plastic paper around and cut the next half of the leaf too. making sure you get a small piece of stem on the leaf.

cut the next half of the leaf

Let leave dry of a clean curved surface.

Let leave dry

Make as many leaves as possible. Brush off the extra icing sugar when leaves are dry.

Make as many leaves as possible

Wash your hands to get rid of the green colouring. Add red colouring to the rest of the fondant and shape into lots of small balls.

Wash your hands

Arrange holly leaves and fruits on your cake attractively. Apply a little butter icing on the back of the leaves (where the curves lower) with the tip of a pallet knife and then place leaves where you want them to go. Dilute some butter icing in a saucer by adding a few drops of water. Dip each fruit in it just enough to pick up a blob. Place them between the leaves.

Arrange leaves and fruits on your cake

Arrange two or three leaves along with a few fruits over white icing for cup cakes or to decorate Christmas puddings.

Arrange two or three leaves

Decorate a square cake with a row of holly along its sides.

Decorate a square cake

These can be made weeks ahead of Christmas and dried fruits and leaves can be stored in airtight containers. Keep colours separate; store with one or two desiccant packets in the container.

These can be made weeks ahead of Christmas

Even though commercial holly cutters are quick way to use, I prefer this method because each leaf comes out with its own shape.


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