Saree Designs

Dear friends,

Can anyone help me where i can find the Saree designs?

Not with models.Only saree designs in a printable format.

If possible please help me.

Thanks a lot,

Saree designs என்று டைப் செய்து கூகிள் சர்ச்சில் தேடுங்கள். கிடைக்கிறதா பாருங்கள்.

ஜெயந்தி மாமி

I found a page for emb designs...

I dont understand what u need.... any way try this. :)

துணிந்தவர் தோற்றதில்லை!!
தயங்கியவர் வென்றதில்லை!!


hi jeyanthu,

i had searched enough(more than 200 sites),i did not find thatswhy i posted here.

hi vanitha,

Thanks for your reply.I ll explore there.

i would like to manufacture saree.Hence i am looking for a saree(fabric) designs.

If anybody have prompt reply please help me.

You could check some online Saree shopping links / websites of textile shops to get some trendy designs

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