how to gain weight?

hello friends,
my husband's wt s 45 , can u please tell me hw to increase his wt by natural means?
he s healthy.. but doesnt like to eat more..

hi lincy...

try to change your food habits pa.. like tiff-en item to rice... bcoz rice will increase the weight... i think it is true...

அன்புடன் அபி

he ll take rice 1ly in the lunch pa.. he s taking 2 dhosas/3 idles in d mrg . n8 also the same.. he likes tea more than anything in this world..i have told him to avoid taking tea.. but he would like to take tea 1ly pa... wat to ddo?

hi give lots of nuts - almonds(the most) . give calcium rich foods (dairy products) and wheat items. then chk out how he avoids tea. not only ur hub...most of the husbands love tea because of stress. i did this formula and it worked well. all the best. avoid idly dosa - make it only once during the week.

madam my husband almond neraya sapita head ache and stomach upset ahuthunu solranga. pa. most of the time he s not finishing his lunch pa.daily half lunch back varum..and he hates chapathi(wheat product) wat to do ..

pudina chatni kudunga.before lunch soup kudunga.nalla pasi yedukum.daily egg add panunga wait podum.

"விடா முயற்சி வெற்றி தரும்"

thanx divya sister.. enna soup kudukalam?

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