IBPS CWE பற்றி

IBPS common written exam இதுவரைக்கும் யாராவது எழுதி இருந்தால், அல்லது இனிமேல் யாராவது எழுத போறவங்க இருந்தால் கொஞ்சம் இந்த பக்கம் வந்து என் சந்தேகத்தை தீர்த்து வைங்க please.

exam க்கு எந்த மாதிரி questions கேட்பாங்க?
எப்படி preparation பண்றது?
எந்த book refer பண்றது?

நான் இப்ப தான் first time எழுதப் போறேன். please clarify my doubt friends.thanks in advance...

which post are you trying for?PO or Clerical?If its clerical..its all about time management..Questions will be easy like simple maths but have to clear the exam within the limited time.
the number of questions will be like
Maths-50(i guess)
But practice well you can achieve it

thanks for your reply.am going to appear for clerical exam.which book shall I refer?did you attend any exam previously?expecting more replies from you.
please மற்ற தோழிகள் விவரம் தெரிந்தால் கூறவும்.

reasoning u can refer Agarwal book.Maths and English would be simple like Primary school maths.
For Eg:234+535-432/702 but we have to do mind calculation as fast as possible english aslo simple grammer....All you have to do is fast but correct calculation as it contains negative marks for each wrong answer as well.

fast means they will ask maths as 75*75...u have to answer as 5625 in 10 seconds or 15 seconds.but correct answer:)

I was born 1983. Am i suitable for this exam. If OBC how many yrs relaxation. Can i apply for this.

ஐ.பீ.பி.எஸ் தேர்வுக்கு 18லிருந்து 28 வயது உள்ளவர்கள் விண்ணப்பிக்கலாம்.

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