pregancy test

36th (6days late still) day pregancy test was -tive what can i do pls reply me

appa neenga 40days al check panni parunga kandipa u know good result ungaluku regular periods na all the best pa

ya am also waiting for that good moment


11th day also negative result no periods pls any one give me idea for me wat can i do


pls tell any suggestions


11th day means 41st day rite.its ok 45days varai parunga appadi ellati consult with doctor

Good morg to all and how r u

corret and then ungalu theyritha yarukavathu late ha pergancy conform panni irukakala pls share


45days la than correct ah theriyum nu solluvanga then first ellam 90days ana than check pannuvanga ethu enaku therincha info so wait up to 45days and check once again.all the best god bless u

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