gd at 29 weeks

dear friends,

am a new member here... when i was searching in the net for gd diet, i read this site and it has very useful information...

friends am from chennai and am expecting my first baby on may.. my due date is may 4th.. currently am 29 weeks pregnant..

last week i had sugar 1 hr test.. fasting is 106 and after taking syrup 1 hour result is 156. then we met doc he advised for insulin injection morn and night( 4 ml ) and advised me the diet..

this is my daily diet friends, pls have a look at this and advise me, if am following the correct diet,

6 am - skimmed milk

8.30 am - 3 medium sized atta chappathi with moong dhal or black channa ( karuppu moo kadalai )

12 pm - beans or vendakai poriyal with less oil ( 1 cup )

1.30 pm - 1 cup rice , 1 or 2 chapati with dhal and vegetables.

5 pm - 1 cup of skimmed milk

6 pm - black channa boiled

8 pm - 2 or 3 chapti with vegetables and dhall

10 pm - skimmed milk

as of now dietician advised for this diet and am following it and he told me to follow this 2 week and advised for routine sugar test for me..

friends pls advise me the vegetables that i can eat ? and pls advise me, if i can add some of the healthy food with my above diet..

also i have a doubt, is taking isulin injection will affect my baby ?

am really worried and stressed as this is our first baby after 2 years of trying... i need my baby to be hale and healthy..

pls pray for me friends that i should cross 8 more weeks without any problem..

Nan long post type panniten sorry... en manasula irunthathalam inga eluthiteen tholigale..

ungal bathilukaka kathirukeren.

reg / kma

Hai friend pregnency time la sugar irukrathu normalthan enaku therinthu my cousin first pregnent time la insulin pottukitta. female baby piranthu ippo 2nd time conceiva irukra ippovum that same problem but athukaga bayapda kudathu ok. tension illama freeya irunga. nenga eppothum pola normal food eduthukonga ok. pasikumpothu sapdunga pothum. dr solra advice fellow pannunga dont wry baby ithunala affect agathu. think positively ok. just 11 weeks balance to see ur little child ok. take care

என்னோட‌ குழந்தைக்கு 11/2 வயசு ஆகுது. அவளுக்கு என்ன மாதிரி உணவு கொடுக்கலாம்?

ஹலோ தோழி mka, உங்களுக்கு சுகப்பிரசவம் ஆக என் கடவுள் முருகனை வேண்டிக்கொள்கிறேன்.

hi prabha,

thanks pa for your post..yes, am following doctor advise and diet... next week am having routine sugar test again.. pls pray for me that all should be ok..

reg / mka

hi kanaga,

mikka nandri.. ur post made my day.. thanks once again..

reg / mka

hi friend,

enakum same 29 weeks. same sugar. fasting 108 after food 158. doctor diet sonanga...3 times food a divide seithu small quantity sapidanum . morning 4 idly na.. ninga 2 idly 8 am. 2 idly 10 am nu split up seithu sapidanum. after noon and night um same. after food walking must 10 to 15 mints.milk la kooda sugar add panna koodathu. sweet um eduka koodathu. ground vegetables avoid seiyanum. fruits la 1/4 th than sapidanum. aaple na 4 pcs vettina 1share than sapidanum. fruits juice eduka vendam nu sonanga. after 15 days follow panitu vanga..GTT eduthu parthutu insulin start seiyanum nu sonanga... ethuku baiyanthe 15days crct ha diet follow pannen. ippo test eduthathula fasting 90 after glucose 2hrs 120 .sugar normal.. xplode sugar free powder than doctor suggest pannanga. milk la add seithu drink panren. night saffron milk with out sugar. now i am ok.. but diet follow panren. inum 2 months thane... ningalum ithu try panunga... all the best friend.


hi harini,

first of all congrats on your pregnancy..

tks pa for your detailed reply.. i dont know why the diabtologist has prescribed me a insulin becoz am also having the same number of result as u had 108 and 158.. anyhow, next week monday or tuesday i should take test.. i hope that everything will be ok after seeing your post..

yes am taking milk without sugar ant totally avoided sugar, sweet, frutis, potato everything...

morning am eating kodumai upma, only for lunch rice that too 1 cup and in the night am eating chapathi... this is the main dish and along with this am eating vegetables like beans, vendaikkai, karamani, avaraikai, kose, cauliflower, cucumber and black channa, moong dhall, toor dhall and arai keerai, marie biscuit only 2 per day... morning and night skimmed milk. incase if am hungry mid morning i take oats porridge without milk

hope this diet is ok.. pls advise me, if i can add anything to my diet or if i have to avoid anything from the above diet..

thanks dear..

reg / mka

Hi sister,
as recommended by mom,(grand)grandmother , experienced with my advised us the same but increasing sugar is normal after you are having food.. if you really want, please check sugar with your husband (hahaha you can test)...

Please have health food no need to control your food would impact your baby growth...please check the baby growth & weight on each week....if baby weigt is normal... you no need to follow any diet....

normally higher diabetes mother will have over-weight baby...

and also please follow doctor advise.... donot worry about relax...listen music... have health chat with husband....take advise...

Wish you the best.... mathura kali amman thunai irukum...


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