Hi Friends,

Last 7 month i take treatment,this month he told i have very low AMH level 0.74,please help me how to increase that is possible to conceive?

Please tell some food items.

Hi ungalukku marriage aagi evlo month aagudh????

3 years completed last one year we are trying for baby.From Jan we started treatment my husband side no problem.They take so may test in that Dr. told i have block in my leftside tube(for that they did some procedure and remove that block.)

March we removed that block then again again we wait for next two months,i did not get any result so again they did that test.For this they start the treatment from my next cycle only .

Hi sathya. .. ungalukku laproscopy seidhu remove panninaangala?

It does not like that.Doctor also said the name just procedure only (Clean the tube and uterus).They charged 5500 only.

Sathya all the best.. seekkirsmaave nalla news solla porenganu thondhu pa..all the best.neenga enga irukkenga??

Hi Durga,

Thanks for your words,I am really happy after saw your works.

My native is near erode but now i am in bangalore,we saw hospital in bangalore only.

You also take any treatment?

How are you friend? Yes naanum treatment eduthuttu irukken. Marrisge aagi correct ah one year aayiduchu. Enakku pcod irukku. Im in delhi. So inga treatment ah mobile la contact panni tablet eduthukkuven... enakku ithu varaikkum oru month kooda date thalliye pogala. Athaan kavalaya irukku..

Hi Durga i am fine,How are you?Do not worry continue your treatment method you will get success.

Here many friends discuss about the pcod problem and also diet control try to follow that diet also.I am also pray for you.

Enakku regular ah period varuthu y?

Oh ok ok friend take care

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