hi thalika

hi thalika, how r u? could u suggest the brand for the almond oil u use?. my friend has 10 months baby and she is planning to give oil message for her baby. she is confused about the purity of the oil and which one to rely on. she is in India. your suggestion would be very useful for her. thank you.

hmm i dunt know abt the brand of almond oil india ..i am sorry...but i have seen those like mixed with herbal oil,,pure almond oil etc in india ..choose pure one n check out the ingredient...there in UAE i used to buy it from pharmacy...i dunt remember itz name now..but it doesnot looks like branded colorful bottle..itz juz plain bottle of almond oil ..anyways i will try to check the better pure one if i go out today..ok?

thanks thalika. i will definetly convey it to my friend.

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