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Dear Friends,

I am married for 2 yrs. i am taking treatment for baby. before my marriage i was having regular periods like 28 to 32days. after marriage also i was having regular periods.we went to doctor. she took all the test. she said i am having ovulation problem. she ask me to take LET-OVAL tablet from periods 2nd day to 6th day.after that i was getting ovulation on 14th day. but i did not get pregnant. now i stopped taking tablets for past 6 months. i am getting my periods on 40th day only. if i take ovulation tablet i am getting periods in 29th day. without tablet i am not getting periods on correct date. please help. now i am taking ayurvedic treatment for past 15 days pushyanug churnam everyday morning.please help me i don't know what is my problem.please give some suggestion. what should i do?

first dont think that problem is ur for not getting baby. First check who has the problem, and dont get ur normal life very happly everything will be alright.

Be happy

thanks for your suggestion. there is no problem with my husband his test report is fine.

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