Santha Wet Grinder

Anybody uses santha table top wet grinder? Is it trouble free? Tell me about it good and bad things. When I go to India this year planning to buy one of this.


U can very well buy Santha they also have International variant (110 volt model)

dont get duped by retailers selling local table-tops especially wen u r buying in chennai
(in Coimbatore they hav their own showroom)

U can also go for ELGI Tabletop "Ultra variant"
its also good and light weight
i used both they are good
Advance Wishes for your Travel to India
"Welcome Home"

Thanks Somasundhar.
I do not want to buy ultra, I donot like their model. I am looking into Santha maestro table top wet grinder. It is like a mixie but a grinder. Also they have a service center here in USA thats why I want to buy this. I have seen many people uses santha wet grinder for morethan 10 years with out any trouble.
I called the sales network in chennai for Santha grinder. They said they do not have 110 v grinder in chennai. I think I have to order it online or phone to be delivered in chennai.


தோழிகளுக்கு வணக்கம் .
நான் டேபிள் டாப் வெட் grinder வாங்கலாம் என்று இருக்கிறேன்,எந்த brand வாங்கலாம் எங்கு,எப்படி வாங்குவது என்று தெரிந்தவர்கள் கூறுங்களேன் .நான் usa வில் வசிக்கின்றேன்.
நன்றி .

for the past 8 years i'm using butterfly 2 att.ments atta kneader,coconut scaraper.both r v.much useful.
nanre sey;athuvum inre sey.

nanre sey;athuvum inre sey.

thanks 4 ur reply.

where shall i get it

ஹை ஜெயந்தி என்னேட பெயரும் ஜெயந்திதான்.கிரைன்டர் butterfly நல்லாஇருக்கு.நான் 3வருடமாக பயன்படுத்திட்டு வரென்,சென்னை செல்லமனி&cco புரசைவாக்கம் கிடைக்கும்.

butter fly grinder is available everywhere.
in premier,tilting table top is also available.

nanre sey;athuvum inre sey.

nanre sey;athuvum inre sey.

im in US.i want to get it through online.can u guys suggest me.

dear friend,search in google-butterfly wetgrinders

nanre sey;athuvum inre sey.

nanre sey;athuvum inre sey.

yes radha.. u r right..there is some brand called ulta or something which is more popular here..
so where do u live in india.. reply me thanks da

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