How to buy Mutton Suvaroti(tamil word)? what should i say and buy?

I believe this is the best place i can get help from tamil community.

I like Mutton suvaroti(tamil word) very much.I really don't know how to say that in english.Each time i purchase Mutton liver which is in fact Ieeral(tamil word).what i should say and ask in English to buy Suvaroti....

If any prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

Mutton ieeral in English what-..............
Mutton Suvaroti in English What-.............


eeral - mutton liver
suvarotti - mutton pancreas

Hey really thanks for your reply.Let me try this time.

I studied this pancreas but never seen in real time people saying the same

Thanks a lot

suvarotti - mutton spleen

மேலும் சில பதிவுகள்