how to use electric cook ware

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electric rice cooker-il எப்படி சமையல் செய்வது? அதில் vegetables எப்படி செய்வது?.

dear saranya,just like ordinary cooker,you can use your e-cooker.when food is ready instead of whistle you can see the warm can cook rice in the separator ,veg(or) dal in the veg the separator pour water and pre pare idlis using your regular idly plate. you can prepare biryani ,pulav &ven pongal directly using the separator.till you add water you can open and close the rice cooker.even you can prepare sambar inthe separator by putting veggies,dal,mi.poditogether.but pour more water. but it won't come to between you check if cooked or not. you can fry vegetables like in kadai
nanre sey;athuvum inre sey.

nanre sey;athuvum inre sey.

how to boil dal in rice cooker.. in using preeti primo.. there's 2 vessel's one for rice nd other veg tray having holes.. hw can i cook dal


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