tailbone pain/ coccyx pain

I've been experiencing mild tailbone pain since delivery of my child. I din't go for any formal treatment so far thinking that it'll subside on its own. The pain is there only when I sit-putting pressure on the tailbone(it's like a stiffness in the middle of the butt) & sharp pain when I try to rise from sitting to standing. it takes a while to get from sitting to standing coz of this pain. Other than that there's no pain atall. I'm planning to c my doc soon. But thought of asking if any of u have experienced similar pain. If yes, what is the treatment that helped u get rid of the pain.

Now that I know it's something to do with the back bone, I'm getting really worried. Any inputs would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in adv.

Looks like noone has experienced such a problem...I'm posting the treatment I undergo so that it might be of use to someone later...

Anyway, I saw my homeopath yday... She said it could be due to strain & stretch in the tailbone area at the time of delivery... She has givn medicines for a month...& after the first 2 doses of medince, I'm feeling much better... Relived to know that it's nothing serious...:)

will update if there's any new developmment...

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