6 years old boy weight

Dear all,

My son is now 6 years old. His weight is 12kg only. He is very active and he is studying very will but eating only problem. He don't like to eat anything. Everytime we have to force him to eat. And also every month he will be getting sick (cough & cold) i am really worried about my son. He will gain 1kg then next month will reduce. When i see other childredns he is very thin. i want to know when he will become big and he will do himself whatever he want.

please answer anyone of my friend about my worries.


I think the main problem of your son is cough & cold. Because of
the cold and cough he will have the feeling of vomitting of every thing what he ate. Because of this only he refused to take the food. Because of this
when you all forced him to take the food it will irritate him very much.
If you are in chennai or in tamilnadu if you have faith in homeopathy select a good doctor and have the treatment.
And you can see the reply of mine to Brinda rubans son inthis site. You can use these methods directly in food to your son because he is six years old. Sliming of your child is not a problem.. Hale and healthy and slim body is very nice. Make use of harse gram in your food items just like dal vadai. sundal , rasam , with onion. Because it is a hot dal . But it will reduce the cough& cold and it shape the body without unwanted flesh.
See the Horse. With best wishes,
Anbudan K.Poongothai

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hai priya
poongothai sonnamathiri homeopathy treatment edunga. cold n cough ku homeopathyla nalla result kedaikum. appuram food na rice, idli, dosai than sapidanumnu illa. fruits, grams, nuts, vegetables, idhu kuda kudukkalam. vegetables la unga paiyanukku pudichadha avanukku pidicha madhiri senju kodunga. pasipayaru, kondaikadalai, urulaikilangu, idhellam wait increase panna help pannum. pepper n honey mix panni kudutha cough koraium. water kudika kudukkumpothu warm a kudunga. fry panra vegetablesla chilli powder ku pathila pepper sethukonga. milk la turmeric powder kalandhu kudunga. turmeric powder nall anti-accident.

Dear All,

Thank you very much for all your suggestions. it is very helpful for me once again thank you very much.

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