How to Pay BSNL Bills through Online

Hai Babu Sir and Frnds,
I'm in chennai. I want to pay my bsnl landline bills through online. pls tell me how to do...

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u have to signup to create ur account pa

Hi stella, thanks for ur reply. I already created account in that. After log in i entered everything. to create phone account it showing SSA/STD. in that it does not show chennai. pls tell me how to do in details...

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hai yunusyasmin, i think this links are useful for u nu.. go through this

Hi stella, i visit to the link u mentioned. now i create account and pay my bill. its very useful to me. thanks a lot.

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We are staying in Metturdam that is in Salem Dt., How we pay Bsnl Telephone Bills

sorry for late reply... try this website

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