healthy baby foods for 1.2 year baby

hi please give a chart of solid foods to increase the weight for my 1.2 year baby........weight only much time gap food can be given.....please help me

Give food for 2hrs.
Give vegetables separately as a mini tiffin by 11am.
Weekly twice give egg including yolk.

thank u mam its a useful information for me.....for break fast wat food can give....lunch and night dinner.

Hi jeetu,

Me too having 1.4 yrs baby boy.

I am giving him idly, dosa, pongal, poori, chappathi, bread omlet for breakfast.

By 11.00 am i give him fruits like banana, sapota.......

For lunch dal with veg like carrot, potato or green or dal with egg yolk.

for evening i give Nan 200 ml with some biscuits.

for dinner, rasam or milk rice.

This is my son's routine food.

If u have anything to add, give it to ur baby.

And let me know........if anything need to be added..............


i use the following food on daily babsis.. Let me share these to u..

7:30AM - 1 glass milk
9:00AM - idly(2)/ dosai(1)/ aapam(2)/ pongal
11:30AM - beetroot(1)/ carrots/ egg with yolk(1)/ sweet potato
2:00PM - rice with dal/sambar & curd rice.. with some vege(optional)...
5:00PM - apple without sugar(mixie)(2)/ orange(2) without sugar with equal amt of warm water to avoid cold/ banana(1)
7:00PM - 1 glass milk
8:00PM - idly / dosa with milk...

During weekends i used to give cerelac/ manna ragi as eve snack instead of fruits...

During weekends. for lunch he take mixed rice..
In cooker, put rice+dal+grated carrot+grated cabbage+1 small potato with more water... & cook as it as rice.. This tastes like sambar rice (non spicy)

Reply me if it is useful for ur baby...

Hi frnds romba naal ku apparam return vanthrukiren en Paiyanuku one yr two month ahuthu weight just 7kg irukan food sapdavey matikan only milk or snacks sapdran. Rice, idly, dosa, ippadi yethuvum sapda matikan rice layum curd, rasam, mix veg, ippadi koduthatchi but vaya thirakka matikkan yenna seirathunu purila romba kavalaiya irukku night full sleep illa 3time yelunthrikan milk kudichitu thoonguran avana parka kastama iruku one yr ahuthu but full sleep illa husbandkum sleep illa avangalta attached ah irukan. Pls help me frnds

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