hi pls clear my doubt


I got my periods last on 2nd Mar'11.

Till now I dint get my periods.

usually i get it before one week. I went to doctor and she gave me tablet to conceive. I stoppped it on 29th Mar'11.

So, i thought i will get periods after one week.

I have leg pain, back pain little sometime.

I feel that I am pregnant. Wat i need to do..

Sorry i am not able to type in tamil.

Please advise.

நீங்க முதலில் ஹோம் டெஸ்ட் கிட் வாங்கி டெஸ்ட் பண்ணுங்க(positive) வந்தா டாக்டர் கிட்ட போங்க........


i will do

but i am suffering from leg pain for the past 2 days.

usually i get leg pain when periods is due.

also, i am getting pain below chest. is it becuase the food is not digested properly.

Also,leg pain becuase of that digestion problem.

Please let me know,am worried,

pain below the chest can also be a symptom of pregnancy .. hope the best and try with a home test .. then consult a doctor .. Everything will be alright ..!!

Express Yourself .....

தோழி அஞ்சனா தங்களுக்கு வேண்டிய ஆலோசனைகளை அழகு தமிழ் இல் பதிவு இடுங்கள் .இன்னும் நிறைய தோழிகள் தங்களின் ஆலோசனைகளை பதிவு இடுவார்கள் என்பது எனது வேண்டுகோள். சௌமியன்

u might be pregnant . wait for 10 more days and go for pregnancy test. u still have time for getting periods. its only 38 days now. so leave it for 10 more days. all the best .

with love and care

I done Home pregnancy test today.

Its come positive.

Two lines came,

I am going to meet doctor on wednesday toconfirm this.


I am pregnant. TOday is my 45th day.

Doctor confirmed that i am pregnant.

Can I eat Mangai( not raw one), mangai sadham ,, or mangai pachadi.

Is it harm to Health?

Avoid heat foods for the initial three months. Those include Mango, ginger, pepper, brinjal, papaya,pineapple. After three months u can eat all. This is what elders told me. Do not eat jackfruit while pregnant and feeding. Check with elders and doctors as well.

I had brinjal fry today.

Will it be any problem?

மேலும் சில பதிவுகள்