varuthama ulauthu- please help me

hollow friends, iam 9 week preganent and23rd march i saw a doctor and scan report still heart beat and sac is not seen. doctors suggest and abort the baby. 23rd everning abort the baby.
why my baby heart beat is not functioning and my health all blood and unrine test is normal and hp is also normal. all test report normal.. my blood group is A NEGATIVE. PLEASE HELP ME AND FUTURE PREGANENCY ANY PROPLEMS AND WHAT CAN I DO. THIS IS MY FIRST PREGANENCY. ALREADY I AM LATE MARRIAGE. MY FAMILY VERY UPSET. PLEASE FRIENDS SUGGEST ME AND HELP ME. FUTURE WHAT CAN I DO.

நல்லா சத்தான உணவுகளை சாப்பிடுங்க பா .... two or three months ல திரும்ப conceive ஆகலாம் .. மனச போட்டு குழப்பிக்காதீங்க
35 age வர நோ problem .. நெறைய Treatments இருக்கு ....

Nothing to worry... The same thing happened to my cousin and they had to abort... When she conceived the next time, everything was normal and she now has a baby girl... So just forget what has happened and go just have to convince urself saying that whatever happened is for goodnu...

Good Luck!!!

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