healthy food?

என் குழந்தைக்கு 3வயது ஆச்சு.என்ன என்ன சத்துள்ள உணவு குழந்தைக்கு கொடுக்கலாம்?

Dear nageswari, you can offer your child whatever you prepared for the rest of the family.keep in mind you should provide three well balanced meals every day.foods like cereal,bread, rice,a piece of fruit,1/2 cup of cooked or raw vegetables,yogurt, a cup of milk,a cup of juice,cooked meat,poultry,fish,cooked dry beans,ect...,In this age he may refuse to eat some foods,so you should offer a small amount of any new food once or twice a week to encourage good eating habits later.ok,bye.

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