hi friends,

I am praba i got married last year. Irregular cycles, thyroid and poly cystic ovaries are my problems.I am taking tablets for thyroid alone.i dont know what to do? i am in Singapore... pls friends give me a suggestion for it...

Better u ask with your Doctor (whom u r taking treatment for Thyroid)for your poly cystic ovaries problem, they might refer some other Gynecologist.

Otherwise if u know any Gynecologist, go and consult with them and dont forget to tell them your Thyroid issues.

My sister also had the problem of poly cystic ovaries, but after taking the treatment with Gynecologist for about 4 months she got pregnant.

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hi prema,

thanks for ur reply... Dear i have consulted a general doctor and c asked me to reduce my body wt.. my wt is 64.5 i have to reduce 10 kg... c gave me metformin 500 mg and evening primerose oil... i have to take it for a month time and again i have to go... and for thyroid i am taking eltroxine tablet 50 mg... i dont know how to reduce my wt with in a month dear... here everything is too expensive... just to c a Gynecologist they r asking 123 dollars and apart from that to take scan its 90 dollars,i have to do it... i love babies. pls tell me how to reduce wt...


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