Health Issue

Dear All,
I gave birth to Baby boy 56days past by operation.
Now I got severe piles problem & my body got heat too.
My papa also got the same and for him motion is coming for last 1 day.
Kindly give tips for me & baby.
Dont know tamil typewriting so oly said my problem in English.
Dont mistake me Pl..

Hi jeeva, i'm akila....i have two girl babies. First one is 3 y and second one is just 3 months old.. i tell you dont worry its very common in breastfeeding women i took one syrup for must take large amount of food and drink so much of water...3 or 4 times drink milk...feed as much baby wants....take garlic, banana, mutton, etc...pls try and tell me....

Thanks for your suggestion Akila:-))

மேலும் சில பதிவுகள்