pls help me

Right ovary contains polycystic dominant follicle measurement 12 int 6mm
Left ovary contains multiple follicles dominant follicle measurement 4int 5mm.
இது எனக்கு 10th day எடுத்த follicle study இதற்கு என்ன அர்த்தம் pls tell me

pls reply me pls

Pls reply me pannunga

That is your egg size right?

Polycystic means cyst is there (neerkatti). But no worries coz the other ovary contains multiple follicles. It means many eggs are there. Few will get ruptured/fertilized others may become cyst. U may need to take scan until dominant follicle reaches correct size to mature. Then doctors will check whether that got ruptured as it is. If not they will give injection for that. First reduce your tension and be happy always. Coz this is the only way to make hormones stable and reduce cysts.

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