Friends ennaku periods came after 40 days (before two month i taken Duphaston & Clomid) then we went to hospital and Doctor doing all tests and all are ok for me . / Thn Doctor advised to check my husband Semen after checking we got the report its showing

Count - 1.8 and Motolity Overall - 10% . Can any one advice what we want to do for next step . Pls Tell

Nanga Doctor kita ponaom they given to my hubby COQ Forte for 90 days and Zest for the men tabket for 90 days .

Ethu pothuma with 90 days kula he will improve pls solunga or otherwise vera yethavathu kodukunuma. pls solunga.

Pls enkau konjam solunga

ANy one pls advice

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