Weight Reduction


I have two kids... 3 and 1 year now.... After two C-section deliveries, I have put on LOTS of weight and have a got a big tummy! I have hypothyroidism too. I know that i have to really reduce weight now.... bcos being obese has started giving me back aches, joint pain etc.... I have slowly started walking and reduced the rice intake... I dont want abrubt weight loss...

What is the BEST and most efficient way to lose weight? Has anyone lost weight with a good exercise and a diet chart???? I am sure that many will benefit by your suggestion!!!

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எனக்கு தெரிந்த சில கருத்துக்களை தருகிறேன்.

அறுவை சிகிச்சை செய்து இருப்பதனால் படிப்படியாக தொடருதல் நலம்.யோகாசனம் அதிலும் சுப்தவஜ்ராசனம் அதிகம் உதவும். உணவில் கவனம் தேவை. உணவின் அளவில் கவனம் தேவை.The best and most efficient way is watching about your portion. nowadays i think you hear a lot about low Gi foods.eat low fat and low carbohydrate foods.wholemeal bread,rye bread helps a lot.Eat lots of greens such as salads atleast twice a day with your meals.cutdown snacks. do a lot of exercise. there is no particular excercise,you can do lot such as climbing the stairs very often, dance for vigorous music, aerobics low impact exercise, pilates,yoga,walking.make a chart of your own that suits you.make sure you are active once in an hour.before following any of the above consult your doctor whether it is ok to do so.

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