Weight/Tummy Reduction:

Weight/Tummy Reduction:

I have two kids... 3 and 1 year now.... After two C-section deliveries, I have put on LOTS of weight and have a got a big tummy! I have hypothyroidism. I know that i have to really reduce weight now.... bcos being obese has started giving me back aches, joint pain and i feel that it makes me look/feel older than what i am actually!!! I have slowly started walking and reduced the rice intake... I dont want abrubt weight loss...

What is the BEST and most efficient way to lose weight? Has anyone lost weight with a good exercise and a diet chart???? I am sure that many will benefit by your suggestion!!!

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The best way to shed off the pounds.....
diet and follow nice exercise programs like pilates and yoga.(I have tried and now also i am doing it everyday....I also had the same problem...I have a 4 yr old by c-section).
Have Bfast,lunch and dinner correctly on time..dont skip bfast which will make you eat more at lunch time.before eating rice /roti, you can try to have more salad..(carrot,sprout..etc)..drink 8 glasses of water...just twenty minutes a day.Pilates works great to reduce the tummy.

Arise,Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached.

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