weight gain

my son is 2 years old. He is having all varities of food but each and every time we have to compel him to have food. He is not having food with any interest. He is very active and naughty. He is very thin. We tried giving him butter, cheese, ragi etc for gaining weight, but he is very thin. Can somebody please give us some ideas to make him a chubby boy.



is your son underweight?
if so u should worry about him,
if u n your husband are thin means he will be like that only. not so try the ideas.
if he is active then no problem, u feed him the food which he likes most,
if he likes banana it will be good,
have u tried satthu mavu kanji?
try it. these are my simple ideas.



This is from nalini.I have 8 months old baby.Her birth weight is 7.4 lbs.Now she is 16.17 lbs only.She is not in the ideal weight.Please someone hepl me to increase her weight.Really i'm always worrying about her weight.Please someone respond my words.

Hi Nalini,
actually my son is having the same problem. but we tried some steps and now he is improving.
1. Make ragi satthu mavu with milk and give it with honey(if honey is okay) or sugar.
2. If you are giving her solid foods, give small quantities more number of times.
3. Give something for her digestion everyday and keep her active.
Try them and tell your results. Take care.

hi chillu..

can u say how 2 make ragi sathhu mavu???


have u tried my ideas?
how is your son now?
dont worry, is he active, then it will be ok.
take care, bye.



Thank u so much chillu...I have started raagi for her 4th month itself.Now a days giving egg(yolk) also.So,let me see what going to happen.What can i do for the digestion.

hi dears in this forum,,
i am in need of ur help..
i am having 10 months old kid who eats rice and drinks milk..occasionally has someother snacks..

i saw u people giving some important dishes..

can u pls say some tips for me to increase the weight of my kid..

pls do help me dears.chillu,vasudevan,nalini123

இப்பொழுது நிங்கள் 2 spoon rice 2-3 pieces carr0t 1 piece potato வேக வேது கொடுக்களாம்

Try Moong daal water with vegetabls.It is very healthy too.Just boil the moong daal with carrot or beans or spinach or Green peas or potato and mash it.This is good for babies health.If he is 10 th month u can add little ghee too.

can u anyone say what prune fruit is???
how it is called in tamil??

pls do

மேலும் சில பதிவுகள்