டெஸ்டிங் பற்றி தகவல்களை இங்கே பரிமாறலாமா தோழிகளே? நான் டெஸ்டிங்க்கு புதுசு...இப்பொ தான் படித்து கொண்டு இருகிறேன்...

i am also in an idea to read testing..
can u help me out..

dont think i am just rebacking ur sentence...

since u have said u r reading..
where i m yet to

Which Area you are planning to go in ..manual testing or in automated testing..I have downloaded Quality center(Testdirector latest version) from the Mercury site..Acc to the experts in testing this tool is supposed to me very important whether it is manual or automated..i have started little bit.

Arise,Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached.

very glad to get ur reply prerna...
ur name sounds different to hear...
well then its me thamizh thendral but i created the id with my guy name bala and my nick name ammu.. thats goes my intro with one VIP introduced... ha its my kid 10 months...

i hope now u can understand how hard it would be for me to search a field that suits gud..

ok now coming to the point...
r u learning from home???
i will also try to download what u have said and try a bit today without fail..
i think its better if we mail daily..
is it possible for u???

there by here my guy said to learn the basic concepts first as more than automated tools many concern have their own product ...and there by we will put in manual testing projects mostly..

wats ur idea in this????

hope to get ur reply asap
take care

HI, I am learning from home.you can mail me daily not a problem..we can encouage each other and study.
My name is Sudha. My daughter's name is Prerna which means inspiration.She is going to be 5 by this month.I was working before in chennai..After conceiving her left the job, now she is going for full time school .so i thought may this is the best time for me to get back.

Arise,Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached.

hi sudha...
well then...
give me the websites u browse to learn.how u proceed daily...
thereby u worked in chennai u said ..
where??? in which platform???
where r u now???

I am in Milwaukee,wi,usa. I was working in C,C++ in the telecommunication s/w.I selected testing like others for the same reason.
check some of the links below

For the realtime testcase templates ,and other materials check this site out

Arise,Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached.

I just came through this topic. I am interested in knowing about testing some basics like what is testing and so on. Will you help me?
Since I am a mom to be I cannot go out to learn testing. I am not a computer graduate nor do I have experience in working in this field.
But I have some basic knowledge about computer, completed PGDCA.
Since I am in US I like to switch my field. I live in San Fransisco.
Thank you,

Have positive, enthusiastic approach to life

hi chitra,
where r u in SFO??

I am in Redwood city. What about you?

Have positive, enthusiastic approach to life

i m in union city..
i came by august only so i am not aware where ur place is???
do u know union city???

then how aabt?? ur family chithra...

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