edhuku ena dhaan vali

I was using Krimson n walaphage on apr 2006 and it continued till 6 months after which i got married. From then my periods was regular until jan 2007. After which i came US. My periods skipped on feb n hav gained more weight. Consulted a good Gynaec. She told me to stop having ice creams, cookies, candies, potatoes n eat less sugar as this may due to genetical problem and prescribed Metformin 1000g for a month. I stopped eating any sugar related stuff n like to have fruits and i eat. My periods was regular after april 07. But now(Aug 22) my periods jus give me a notice that it has come. Once i take bath, thats it, not flowing as before. Strange. I waited for the next month to come. On sep 9 it did the same as it did on Aug. Dont know what happened to my periods. But im very much sure that im not pregnant. Now im lose of hope..
Do let me know what u think

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