Idli rava

We bought a packet of Idli Rava.Can I make idli out of it just by adding water or is it ordinary rava?

dear amarabaranthony
we use idlli rava for so many varities
In andra people use only idlli rava for idlli
the composition is
for one glass of ulludu two glass of rava is needed
first you grind ullud dal as we grind for idllies
soak the two glass of rava for half an hour
then mix it with the ulludu dough with enough salt
keep it for 10 hour
then cook as usual idllies

i think this is good for making idlis. but for dosa, it is very difficult as ulundhu dominates the mixture and it becomes very soft and sticky.

to avoid this, mix the rava thoroughly with water , soak this(around half an hour or one hour), and grind it well in mixie (though the time is less than with rice) and then mix with ground ulundhu.

with this method, both idli and dosa come well.

i think with laxmi brand idli rava, 4:1 ratio of idli rava to ulundhu is required.

please enter ur comments and suggestions


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