not eating food

hi everybody

my son s one year old.he s not taking his food properly.he reduced weight.please help me.
what type of food i can give for hm.please give me a solution.

hi rammi
is ur son taking milk properly..
try new foods to him instead of salt less(uppu chappu illamal)..u can give food wat u eat.
to gain weight,feed some cheese(kraft)more carbohydrates like rice, potato..egg, fish..
if he doesnt like boiled egg,then u can give omlet(by putting little salt in that).
since he s one year old, he wish to try new foods..
u have to give same vegetable and other ingrediens in a different manner..
i think this will help u little bit..
thank u



he s taking milk 3 times a day.he will not boiled eggs.i tried also omelette.that also a little bit.past 3 months i tried variety of foods.but the reply s same.please tell me what kind of soups to give my son.let me try in different ways.thanks.

hi ramya
how much weight he s now?
u r in USA .. so u can give cheese(kraft)..two taste of cheese s avilable.. u try this..if he s underweight..and has to get more., then feed one cheese per day..

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